Energy Perspectives: Finding the Best Path

May 24, 2019

By: Synfuels Americas Over the past two years this blog has articulated several approaches to energy infrastructure. Others engage in the same activity, often with the same motivations - to advocate for their interests, policy or technology. The key to having a good perspective, however, is realism. Typically, businesses .. read more

2019 Syngas Outlook

March 14, 2019

By: Synfuels Americas In the preceding article, we articulated a high-level macro outlook for the energy industry at large. Focusing now on the global syngas industry the consistent theme will be the application of syngas technology in regionally specific deployments, but petrochemical production will be the driver for a .. read more

2019: The Year Ahead in Energy

January 09, 2019

By: Synfuels Americas Moving into 2019 we at Synfuels Americas thought it prudent to bring some of the current energy market conditions into a projective scope. As has been the case for decades now, energy markets are in constant flux. Not necessarily rampant, volatile instability; just more fluid. However, as most gover .. read more

Global Syngas

January 04, 2019

By: Synfuels Americas As the globe moves toward more nations reaching the status of developed countries, the syngas industry will need to make concerted efforts to serve the increase in energy demand and take advantage of the lucrative growth opportunities for syngas technology. In North America progress can be made b .. read more

Benefits of Cogeneration and Chemical Use of Coal

December 11, 2018

By: Synfuels Americas The contents of this blog were taken from a presentation given by Judd Swift, CEO Synfuels Americas, to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe(UNECE) group of experts on cleaner electricity production from fossil fuels at the Palais Des Nations in Geneva on September28, 2018: Gl .. read more