Research & Development

Research and development on theoretical and fundamental issues impacting conversion processes is led by the R&D branch of our parent company. All technological services provided by Synfuels Americas are originally developed from fundamental research, tested at the pilot scale, and then expanded to commercial-scale technology.

Basic Research

Access to cutting-edge research and basic catalytic mechanisms for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis processes.

Key areas of basic research include:

  • The chemical preparation of the catalysts
  • Catalytic reaction engineering
  • Selective hydrocarbon product distribution
  • Control theory and methodology
  • Detailed elementary reaction kinetic experiments using models
  • The active phase structure and theoretical calculations of quantum chemistry
  • The structural characterization of the catalysts

Process Research

General technology and plant process simulation and modeling research is critical for developing technology at the frontier of the energy conversion industry.

Key areas for research in simulation and modeling include:

  • Optimizing synthetic gas for the Fischer-Tropsch process
  • Dynamic mechanisms
  • Reactor simulation and modeling
  • Process simulation software development
  • Basic physical data and thermodynamic modeling
  • Industrial ecology modeling

Thorough research is conducted related to a wide range of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and product refining processes.

Key areas of specific process-based research include:

  • Recycling of lighter components
  • Synthetic oil and heavy wax hydrotreating
  • Heavy wax fractionation, hydrogenation, and cracking
  • Product recovery and purification
  • Separation and purification of synthetic products and other fuels
  • Fischer-Tropsch synthesized oil hydrogenation process
  • Fischer-Tropsch wax hydrocracking technology
  • Manufacturing diesel via hydrogenation catalyst technology
  • Non-curing system hydrotreating processes
  • Thermal cracking of naphtha to light olefins technology
  • Production of light olefins using middle distillates techniques
  • Synthetic wax production
  • Aqueous phase refining process technology
  • Engineering research of separation of byproducts (alcohols, aldehydes, acids, etc.)