Companies can collaborate with Synfuels Americas on research and development to improve the performance of technologies and lower costs for manufacturing.

Synfuels Americas' primary services include the following:

  • Licensing and deployment of Synfuels China’s proprietary Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and product refining technology for coal-to-liquids (CTL) and gas-to-liquids (GTL) processes
  • Engineering design, procurement and construction (EPC) support
  • Consulting support for early phase project exploration, plant commission, and production start-up
  • Exploration of international business development opportunities

Synfuels Americas’ parent company, Synfuels China, helped with the design and licensed their technologies to one of the world’s largest commercial CTL plants at 100,000 barrels per day of liquid products produced, which will be commissioned in 2016. A 25,000 barrels per day CTL plant will also be commissioned in 2016 using Synfuels China's technologies. Both plants will produce low-sulfur diesel. Synfuels China has also served as the EPC for three successful prototype CTL plants using their proprietary technology. All technology is developed in-house starting from fundamental laboratory research, with more than 80 patents filed.

Technology & Process Highlights:

  • High efficiency Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of hydrocarbon products
  • High efficiency slurry-bed reactor (medium temperature)
  • Optimized, high activity iron-based catalyst
  • System integration and cogeneration technologies
  • Equipment design and optimization for efficient processes and scaling
  • Highly selective product refining technologies
  • Process water treatment with minimum water usage

Synfuels China’s Technology Package typically includes:

  • Technical assistance during mechanical design and construction of plant
  • Training of licensee operating and laboratory personnel
  • Plant inspection
  • Plant startup assistance
  • A process design package (PDP)

Applied R&D includes:

Catalytic material development

  • Iron and cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalysts
  • Sulfur-free hydro-treatment catalysts: hydrogenation, hydrocracking, isomerization
  • Fluidized catalytic cracker (FCC) catalysts for synthetic crudes
  • Catalysts for aromatic formation from Fischer-Tropsch naphtha state
  • Selective hydrogenation, such as biomass-based oxygenates and hydrogenation catalysts

Process development

  • Slurry-bed Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and product refining processes for fuels like diesel and gasoline
  • Expansion-bed cobalt Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and refining processes for diesel, lubricants and waxes
  • Closed cycle, cooling water processes
  • New gasification processes