About Us

Synfuels Americas is an energy conversion technology provider of coal-to-liquids (CTL) and gas-to­ liquids (GTL) processes. An international business platform focused on researching, developing, and implementing innovative technologies, with a mission to improve availability and quality of advanced energy technologies for converting natural resources into higher value products. Spectubular Technologies was founded in 2021 as a division of Synfuels Americas, an energy conversion technology provider. Spectubular Technologies’ focus is on filter tube production, technology licensing, and R&D projects for our customers. We specialize in the development of customized filtration solutions that are unique to the market. We will work with you to develop a solution for your process.

To support this mission, analysis of current and future developments in energy markets is performed to enhance adaptation of changing energy realities. A dynamic approach for planning and improving synthetic chemical compounds and fuel is what makes Synfuels Americas unique.