Synfuels China Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2006.  Subsidiaries include  Synfuels China Engineering Holding Co., Ltd, Synfuels China R&D Center, Synfuels China Huainan Catalyst Co., Ltd,  Synfuels China Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd, and Synfuels Americas in USA.  There are more than 900 employees in Synfuels China, with over 80% being engineers and technical researchers, including 47 PhD degrees, 203 master’s degrees, 18 professors and 139 associate professors and senior engineers.

As a technology provider, Synfuels China focuses on the R&D of Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) Synthesis technologies for Indirect Coal Liquefaction or Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) and Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) processes using coal, natural gas, or biomass as feedstocks, and has developed proprietary Medium-Temperature Slurry-Bed Fischer-Tropsch Process (MTSFTP) technology for the production of high-quality clean liquid fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

The MTSFTP technology consists of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis technologies including its proprietary iron-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysts, a slurry-bed Fischer-Tropsch Reactor, and product upgrading technologies. This technology has been successfully applied in several CTL plants in China.

Synfuels China also developed proprietary multistage liquefaction technology for the utilization of low-rank coals and heavy oil upgrading.
Synfuels China is active in fine chemicals engineering and other process engineering.


Due to its breakthrough in indirect coal-to-liquids commercial technology, Synfuels China has won several awards, including the Outstanding Technological Achievement Award from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the First Prize of National Energy Technological Advancement from National Energy Administration.

The “National Energy R&D Center for Coal-based Liquid Fuels” was sponsored by the National Energy Administration and established by Synfuels China.   The  “Beijing Key Laboratory for Clean Coal-based Liquid Fuels was established by Synfuels China and accepted by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee in 2014.


Synfuels China owns 80 domestic patents in China and 27 PCT patents granted in USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Russia; the copy right of software for the simulation and optimization of CTL and GTL processes; and has established three national technical standards on liquid fuels from CTL.

Synfuels China Syngas to Liquids Project Experience

Scope of Work includes:

Technology Licensing:
  • Commercial technology transfer
  • Fischer Tropsch Synthesis Unit Technology License
  • Product Upgrading Unit Technology License
Engineering: Engineering design in energy and coal chemical industry;
  • Feasibility study
  • Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Process Design Package (PDP)
  • FT Synthesis unit and Product Upgrading unit
  • Basic and Detailed Design
  • Including Purification unit/Electric Power Supply/Central Control Room
Construction and Procurement Service
  • EPC services
  • Overall Project Design
  • Construction management
  • Procurement of key equipment
  • Provide Proprietary Equipment
  • Provide Catalyst Supply
Start-up Service
  • Training and consulting;
  • Technical support and services on coal-to-liquids technologies.
Research & Development  – In 2015 Synfuels China established  several science laboratory locations known as “SynCat” staffed with research experts from around the world.
  • R&D on coal-to-liquids technologies
  • R&D on proprietary coal-to-liquids equipment